The Evolution of a Charm-Filled Home

Jessica and Chris Gotwalt’s home has changed and changed again—here are three spaces that show us how.
by Ayn-Monique Klahre | New photography by Smith Hardy

Jessica and Chris Gotwalt have owned their home for nearly two decades, and over that time, they have poured their hearts into decorating the home. It has evolved with their changing tastes and needs, but has always had one thing: A personality. Here are glimpses of three of the rooms to get an idea of how they’ve evolved.

In the original listing photo from 2002, below, the home had been thoughtfully restored by previous owners in the early 1990s. The home boasted period details, but also the earth-toned walls that were popular at the time.

By the early 2000s, the Gotwalts updated the front hallway with a creamy yellow background against bright-white paint.

As Jessica’s tastes have evolved and gotten bolder, the entryway has taken shape as a dramatic focal point with black flocked damask wallpaper as a counterpoint to the crisp white wainscoting. 

In the study, the previous homeowners had played with neutrals, and the taxidermy gave the traditional space a formal feel.

With Jessica’s bright-blue paint, the room is transformed into a jewel box where bold colors and patterns bounce against each other.

While Jessica didn’t have pictures of the living room as it was when they moved in, it has moved away from the lime-green walls of the early 2000s.

Though the ceiling color is close to the same, the yellow paint and updated furnishings contrast with the teal-blue walls in a totally different way.

We can’t wait to see what comes next for this home!