What I’m Doing: Amber Smith of Activate Good

Amber Smith of Activate Good is doing what she can, with what she has, where she is.

Amber Smith is a long-time resident of Raleigh and the founder and Executive Director of Activate Good, a nonprofit that connects locals to volunteer needs with Triangle causes. Smith is focused right now on finding inventive ways for all of us to support our community and spending time exploring parks with her puppy, Kira.

“It’s a strange time we’re living in, but what I’ve found and what I see time and time again from everyone I’ve worked with is that when you help someone else, you feel better yourself,” says Smith. “It’s easier to find the silver lining and identify things to be grateful for when you’re engaged in something that helps another person or your overall community.”

Here’s how Smith reaches in to reach out:

Support locally
When possible, I grab coffee and snacks to-go from my favorite socially-conscious food places around the Triangle, like A Place at the Table (a nonprofit partner of ours) and other locally-owned businesses. If we want these places to be around after this is all over, we’ve got to support them however we safely can.

Do what you can
Help out the causes struggling right now through volunteer projects. I found this Theodore Roosevelt quote the other day and think it’s perfect for this situation: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” There really are a lot of ways you can help the community even from home, whether it’s to meet urgent needs, or helping causes get some work done to be stronger after this crisis is behind us.

Stay motivated
Taking a little time each day to read and get inspired and motivated to push through this challenge. I just finished Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl and am in the middle of Start With Why by Simon Sinek right now. Remembering what I am really meant to be doing here on this planet helps me stay laser-focused on that mission, which keeps me getting out of bed each morning.

Inspired to get involved? Smith has posted some ways to lend a hand right now on Activate Good website

You can also follow Activate Good on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay connected to our community.