How to Make Honeygirl Mead’s Blueberry Mint Prosecco

“Meads are very seasonal and it’s fun to play with it,” says Diane Currier of Honeygirl Meadery in Durham. “It’s all about chasing and experiencing the flavor,” she says. Try her sweet and herby mixed mead drink below.
Recipe by Diane Currier | photography by Taylor McDonald

Blueberry Mint Processo Ingredients

1 bottle prosecco
1 bottle Honeygirl Blueberry Mead
1 teaspoon sugar
Handful of mint leaves
Handful of fresh blueberries


In a punch bowl or large pitcher, muddle blueberries, sugar, and mint leaves together (reserve a few blueberries and leaves for garnish). Pour prosecco over the ingredients. Fill a champagne flute halfway with Blueberry Mead, then top with the prosecco mixture. Garnish with blueberries and a mint leaf.