The Best Frozen Cocktails in Raleigh to Beat the Heat

From frosé to piña coladas to spiked milkshakes, these boozy blended beverages will add a refreshing punch to your summer.
by Nelie Tahssili

Photograph by Joshua Steadman

Summer is the perfect time to chill out — and nothing is better than a frozen cocktail to help you, literally, relax and cool off. These frozen cocktails served at local watering holes and breweries make the brain freeze worth it. Whether you want to sip a frozen sunrise margarita under a fan on a covered patio or toast with a frosé on a rooftop, this list has it all. Check out our list of the perfect summer frozen cocktails around the Triangle.

Drunky Elvis Spiked Shake at Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar is perfect for a burger craving with its large selection of chef-driven burgers that all have their own unique taste. For dessert, consider the  Drunky Elvis Spiked Shake — made with Screwball Peanut Butter whiskey, creamy peanut butter, chocolate, banana and walnuts, hand-spun with ice cream — to finish off the savory with something sweet.
111 Seaboard Avenue,

Courtesy Level 7

Frozé at Level 7

At Level 7, a refined roof bar and cocktail lounge on top of the AC Marriott in North Hills, sip on frozé with rosé, simple syrup, and strawberry syrup. This frozen drink is a fruity and floral sip that can be enjoyed on the rooftop of Level 7 on a hot summer night. The pale pink color evokes a summertime relaxation feel while cooling you off and giving a little classier take on a frozen summer drink.
101 Park at North Hills Street,

Courtesy Trophy Brewing

Frosé at Trophy Brewing

Although Trophy Brewing is known for its amazing beer selection, do not miss out on the signature cocktails. The Frosé — made with rosé wine blended with fresh strawberries — just might become your go-to summer cocktail. Pair this simple, vibrant cocktail (there are only two ingredients!) with another warm-weather classic, the Summer Caprese Salad.
827 W. Morgan Street,

Frozen Transfusion at Standard Beer + Food

Standard Beer + Food is an indoor-outdoor restaurant concept known for its wide selection of beers — but in the warmer months, they’ve got four machines churning out the frozen drinks. We especially love the Frozen Transfusion, a cocktail with tangy freshness from lime and natural sweetness from grapes, made with vodka, grape, ginger syrup + lime. Standard is loved by the surrounding neighborhoods for its family-friendly casual vibe. The twist to the classic painkiller with grape is flavorful and refreshing adding a touch of sweetness and subtle fruity note with a unique taste that is perfect for a summer patio cocktail. 
205 E. Franklin Street;

Frozen Daiquiri at The Ark Royal Tiki Bar

The Ark Royal, an eclectic tiki bar, offers a range of rum-forward, tropical cocktails perfect for the sweatiest season.. Our pick here is the classic frozen daiquiri, made with rum, demerara and lime chilled —it offers a harmonious blend of booze, citrus and sweetness. Enjoy it indoors with a bohemian aesthetic or outside with a tropical feel.
410 Glenwood Avenue,

Courtesy The Anchor Bar

Frozen Painkiller at The Anchor Bar

At The Anchor Bar, a warm and laid-back cocktail bar with nautical decor, try the Frozen Painkiller with Pusser’s British Navy Rum, coconut, orange and pineapple. Between the nautical decor and this tropical concoction, you’ll be transported to the beach with every sip. The tropical sweetness of pineapple juice makes for the perfect summer drink.
207 S. Fayetteville Street,

Courtesy Bida Manda

Frozen Piña Colada at Bida Manda

At Bida Manda, an escape for Laotian food and exotic cocktails, try a classic frozen Piña Colada that’s made with rum, fresh squeezed pineapple, coconut and additional variations that you can add to the drink like bitter, banana, chocolate, passion fruit. The coconut provides a creamy, tropical and indulgent element that combines perfectly with the fresh squeezed pineapple.  As you take your first sip, a tropical escape in a glass is what you will feel. Let the coconut, pineapple and rum give you a momentary escape to Laos without leaving your seat
222 S. Blount Street;

Frozen Sunrise Margarita at Lola’s

Lola’s, a beach bar located in (sadly, land-locked) Five Points, is casual enough to show up in flip flops and your swimsuit coverup after a day at the pool or river with friends. Here, sidle up to the bar underneath the cut-bamboo awning to indulge in the frozen Sunrise Margarita. It has Sauza Gold, triple sec, lime juice, orange juice, orange simple syrup and a grenadine floater at the bottom of the glass. The hint of citrus and tart with the orange juice that balances the lime juice creates a tangy taste. With specialty margaritas, beer and street tacos this spot is the perfect summer scene with its seaside bar vibes and outdoor bar.
1803 Glenwood Avenue,

Courtesy Killjoy

Godcousin at Killjoy

At Killjoy, a colorful and vibrant cocktail bar, enjoy the Godcousin, a frozen drink made with passion fruit, amaretto, Brandy, lemon & cinnamon tea. This unique cocktail with lemon flavor and a cinnamon twist is perfect to enjoy on the outdoor patio. Cool off with summer flavors and a vibrant taste sensation with this frozen cocktail.
116 N. West Street,

Courtesy The Cowfish Bar

No Sleep Till Brooklyn Spiked Milkshake at The Cowfish Bar

Cowfish is the perfect spot to grab sushi or a burger, but don’t sleep on its milkshakes! There are lots of spirit-free options, but adults should consider the No Sleep Till Brooklyn spiked milkshake (Myers’s Dark Rum, Kahlua, ice cream, malt, coffee concentrate, and chocolate covered espresso beans) to stay energized and cool.
4208 Six Forks Road, Suite 100,

Courtesy Tonbo Ramen

Yuzu Boozy Slushee at Tonbo Ramen

Hit up the Izakaya Bar at Tonbo Ramen on Wilmington Street for a frozen drink that fuses tropical and Asian elements. The Yuzu Boozy Slushie is crafted with Bacardi Rum, yuzu sake, ginger simple syrup and pineapple juice. It’s the perfect drink to beat the heat — but if you get too chilly sipping in the A.C., you can always accompany it with a bowl of slurpable ramen.
211 S. Wilmington Street;

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