Tag: May 2024

The Whirl: RDP Reception

Bryan Kane, John Pitt and other Raleigh community members hosted a reception for the Raleigh Police Department Foundation.

The Whirl: Discovery Ball North Carolina

The event highlighted cancer survivor Elizabeth Alexander, who shared about her fight and the need for colon cancer screenings and research.

The Whirl: HBA 2024 Hall of Fame

The HBA also recognized Hall of Fame recipients for their contributions to the local home building industry.

Sweet Memories: A Journey to Adulthood

Longtime North Carolina poet Stephen E. Smith’s new memoir, The Year We Danced, recounts his eye-opening freshman year at Elon College.

May Poem: After the trout lilies

This poem calls on us to notice spring delights like flowers, grass and mushrooms — and invites us to love the natural world.

Free Moms at NC State

This quirky nonprofit group born in Raleigh offers joyful moments and parental support to college students each Thursday.