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A World Inside A Weed

Native milkweed, a common pollinator plant in our area, has a unique structure and an important role in our environment.  

The Great Migration

A North Carolina nature writer takes chilly trip to southern Nebraska to see thousands of Sandhill Cranes in their winter roosting spot.

An Eye on Eagles in North Carolina

Bald Eagles are large raptors with impressive aerial maneuvers — and you can see them in habitats along Falls Lake and Jordan Lake.

The Story in Ice: Art and Life in Winter

The unique properties of water make it life-sustaining in the coldest months. And, if you look closely, it creates beautiful patterns.

Strange Beauty: Turkeys in the Wild

This large game bird in North Carolina has a special place in our traditions — and some singular features too

Elk in Our Mountains of North Carolina

These majestic animals are the largest mammal in the state, and are easiest to see in early fall during their mating season.

The Floral Fireworks in Your Garden

Look around your yard this Fourth of July — you may find some plants that remind you of a brilliant fireworks display.