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Did You Hear? New Reveille at PNC Arena

The Carolina Hurricanes’ Homegrown Series features a band with classical, Americana and Bluegrass roots.Writing and photography by Gus Samarco After seeing their work featured in Rolling Stone and The New York Times, I was excited to chance to catch up…

Did you Hear? Louis York and The Shindellas

Louis York and The Shindellas fill the Pour House with joy and motion.Writing and Photography by Gus Samarco Being a man about town and all, I couldn’t let myself sit home on a Friday night, so I headed to The Pour House to check out…

Did you Hear? The Great Cover Up

Local musicians get together to form surprise tribute bands in this multi-day charity concert series.

Old-School Sound

Middle-aged dudes are stealing back the spotlight as self-proclaimed dad bands play gigs around Raleigh.

Meet George Hage

Musician and illustrator George Hage has designed posters, books and more for clients like Hopscotch festival.

Peter Lamb and the Wolves

“Peter is such a dynamic player. So kinetic, always in motion like a boxer, weaving and punching.” –Dave Tilley, music producer, about band Peter Lamb & the Wolves by David Menconi photographs by Geoff Wood It’s fitting that Peter Lamb and…