Broughton High School celebrates 90th birthday

Broughton High School celebrated its 90th birthday March 23 at The Fairview. The Broughton Capital Foundation hosted the sold-out event that included four generations of alumnae. Honorary Chairs, Smedes York and Audrey Wall Black led the fun and HL Caterers (Broughton alum) provided a Southern feast. A procession of current Broughton leaders and athletes served as a reminder of Broughton’s mission and impact on our community. Broughton’s 2019 National Cheerleading champions performed an impromptu show. The event was co-chaired by Laurie Barwick and CC Bailey Parker.

photography by Photo Specialties

Smedes York, Elena Ashburn, Mason Wasik, Abbey Finan

DaBreyn Belfield, Audrey Black, Michael Lorenz

2019 National Cheerleading Champions

Kirby Happer Ed Bailey, Corinna Bailey, Graham Connell

Corinna Bailey, Laurie Barwick, CC Parker

Scott Phillips, Jennifer Doerfler, Mike Doerfler

Ed Bailey, Greg Crampton, Lenny Harer

Britt Thomas, Patty Hunt

Barbara Bunn, Rick McElroy, Jack Clayton, Jean Neese, Mary Clayton, Martha Crampton

Anna Stein, Laura Goulian, Anita Sawhney Flynn

Rick McElroy, Sally Duff, Audrey Black

Thad Woodard, Jan Woodard, Rhett Warner, Greg Warner

Ashley White, Leigh Ann Smith, Mary MacLean Asbill

Howard Brooks, Wes Minton, Bobby Stanley

Kevin Carlin, Gray Carlin, George York, Bowen York

Heather Warwick, Ashley Warwick, Joe Hodge, Anna Ball Hodge

Meredith Miller, Jayne Teel, Leigh Smith, Harris Mason, Randy Mason

Nancy Baird, Barbara Bunn, Mary Clayton

Broughton student leaders

John Pace, Lisa Pace, Caroline Farmer, Ellen Nulty Mosley, Mark Mosley, Judy Mullins

Ed Bailey, Tom Fisher, Susan Fisher

Jan Garside, DeAnn Alphin, Lisa Ralls, Virginia Strickland

Amanda Long Ramseur, Marge Elvers

Parke Samuelson, Mary Catherine Samuelson, Mary Mac Bradshaw, Tom Bradshaw

Diane Payne, Martha Kirchide

Kathie Raymond, Martha Crampton, Greg Crampton

Roger Black, Smedes York, Rosemary York, Ivy Black

Howard Brooks, Barry Mann, Gray Creech