Design by Tula’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

Tula and Allen Summerford welcomed guests to their home September 25 to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Design by Tula with the Design by Tula team and clients.

photography by Cynnie Boney and Frances Barringer

Sydney Durrett, Tula Summerford

Tula Summerford, Ralph Townes

Mary Dudley Newman, Cassidy Bayliff, Frances Barringer, Katie Rascoe, Page Harmer, Cynnie Boney, Tula Summerford, Jacklin Williamson, Besty Zurawell

Larisa Lotz, Jennifer Maupin Alexander, Liz Woodall, Meredith Sparrow

Missy Keravuori, Tula Summerford, Hopie Avery

Nicholas Summerford, John Preiss, Jena Hendrick, Tula Summerford, Ralph Townes

Mary Dudley Newman, Frances Barringer, Tula Summerford, Katie Rascoe, Cynnie Boney

Travis Battle, Tula Summerford, Kim Battle

Madeline Gilbert, Tula Summerford, Ashley Misenheimer, Carmen Reitnour