St. David’s School Veteran’s Day Events

St. David’s School holds event to honor veterans and hosts a speaker series in November 2018.

photography by Jennifer Haygood

St. David’s School held their eighth annual Veterans Day commemoration November 9. Veterans from World War II to recent tours of duty joined with family and the St. David’s community to be recognized for their service. Speakers included Mr. Jule Smith, St. David’s Board of Trustees member and US Navy Reserves veteran, and Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin, US Army (retired). Among the many distinguished guests was Betsy Hutchison, a 98-year-old WWII veteran of the Army Nurses Corp who served our country in Europe. The topic of the speaker series was, “The Duty of Preservation: The Dix Park Project.”



St. David’s School Speaker Series: The Duty of Preservation: The Dix Park Project

Sean Malone, Gil Greggs

At the invitation of the Senior Seminar class at St. David’s School, Sean Malone, president and CEO of Dix Park Conservancy, lead a discussion on the unveiling of the master plan for the conversion of the Dorothea L. Dix campus into an urban green space park. Director Malone’s visit November 18 was the second in a series of guest speakers as part of the school’s year-long series.

photograph courtesy St. David’s School