The Whirl: Ella West Gallery Opening

On August 19, Linda Shropshire celebrated the opening of her new art space, Ella West Gallery. Located on Durham’s historic Parrish Street, the space was filled with artists, afficionados and friends from around the Triangle to celebrate. The first exhibit, Return to Parrish Street: A Dream Realized, features work by artists Clarence Heyward, Kennedi Carter and Ransome.

BE.Noel, Charman Driver, Jocelyn Mitinaul Mallette 

Holly Ewell Lewis, Ellen Cassilly

Marjorie Hodges, Linda Shropshire

Trey Bradshaw, Robin Rivera, Taylor Grissom, Sydney Grissom

Dawn Booker, Brigid Washington, Linda Shropshire

Ken Eudy, Arthur Greene, Eric Rivera

Kennedi Carter, Clarence Heyward, Tim Imafidon, Erin Imafidon

Laura Ritchie, Mavis Gragg, Jessica Yinka Thomas, Gail Belvett

This article originally appeared in the October 2023 issue of WALTER magazine.