The Whirl: NCMHF Philanthropy Awards

On Nov. 3, the North Carolina Museum of History Foundation presented its 2022 Philanthropy Awards to honor outstanding contributions to the presentation, study and understanding of North Carolina history. David Crabtree was the emcee and Frank B. Holding, Jr. was the keynote speaker. Honorees were Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Neal Clinard, Mr. Earl Johnson, Jr., the late Dr. David Robert Hayworth, and Mr. and Mrs. Orris Temple Sloan, Jr.

Vic Bell, Temple Sloan, Carolyn Sloan, Reid Wilson
Reid Wilson, Vic Bell, Earl Johnson
Beth Parsons, David Crabtree
David Woronoff, Adair Woronoff
Frank Holding, Ruth E. Holding
Linda Quarles, Orage Quarles, Judith Burrell
Ken Howard, Martha Howard
Mary Powell White, Fairley Bell Cook, Lee Lyles Webster
Vic Bell, Charles Hayworth, Debbie Hayworth, Reid Wilson
Vic Bell, Aaron Clinard, Lyl Clinard, Reid Wilson

This article originally appeared in the January 2023 issue of WALTER magazine.