The Whirl: Sneaker Ball 2023

On Oct. 10, more than 350 friends, volunteers and partners joined to honor 10 years of Note in the Pocket’s impact on thousands of area children and families, as well as its expansion into Durham County. Emcees Kim and Penn Holderness welcomed guests and introduced speakers Margaret Symonds, Leslie Covington and Dallas Bonavita.

James Buck, Chris Williams, MC Karahalios, Dylan Karahalios, Ashley Rushin, Sarah Caldwell, Chris Caldwell, Sarah Williams, Christi Keating, Mike Keating, Nicole Olsen, Iver Olsen, Adrienne Buck, Annie Gault, Kathleen Bove, Mike Bove, Matt Gault, Steve Rushin
Penn Holderness, Kim Holderness
Shakeda Muldrow, Dallas Bonavita
Jason Green, Dana Green, Mike Ferguson, Hunter Nicholes, Suzanna Nichols, Chris Crabtree, Allison Crabtree, Cynthia Kruse, James Kruse

This article originally appeared in the December 2023 issue of WALTER magazine.