The Whirl: United Arts welcomes new president Charles Phaneuf

United Arts celebrates its new president

photography by Chris Janaro

United Arts held a welcome reception for Charles Phaneuf, the organization’s new president, on March 6, 2020. The event doubled as an opening for a new exhibit by artist Georges Le Chevallier. The paintings were inspired by local chefs, and the reception was sponsored by Trophy Brewing and Wegmans of Raleigh.

Eric Watko, Lizette Watko, Don Davis

Ken Spry, Slee Arnold, Lyman Collins

Edith Berry, Kelly Lumpkin, Adrienne Kelly-Lumpkin, Tina Morris-Anderson, Paul Anderson

Ryan Cottrell, Anna Churchill, Martin Seligson

Robert Courts, Freddie-Lee Heath, Georges Le Chevallier, Mark Steward