A New Mural at Reliable

WALTER enlists artist Lyudmila Tomova to interpret its July cover into empowering art.
by Ayn-Monique Klahre | Photography by Gus Samarco

A few weeks ago, downtown Raleigh was a scene of destruction after a night when peaceful protests turned ugly. Storefronts were vandalized, blocks of glass windows were shattered and fires were set in the streets. Reliable Jewelry & Loan, a longtime WALTER advertiser whose storefront is just up the street from our offices, was among the retailers who were affected. 

But in the days after, many of those plywood panels became canvases to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Individuals, businesses and art advocacy groups worked to make the art an extension of the important messages and conversations coming out of the ongoing protests.

WALTER enlisted artist Lyudmila Tomova to interpret the flower-filled cover of the July issue along the plywood panels that cover Reliable’s broken windows. For four days—including two in the pouring rain—she used brush strokes and spray paint to fill the plywood with blossoms, hands and the words Justice, Unity and Love.

While she was painting, passersby frequently stopped to ask about the work, offer to help, or chat. And though the piece is temporary, Tomova was pleased to contribute her talents to the dialogue.