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A New Mural at Reliable

WALTER enlists artist Lyudmila Tomova to interpret its July cover into empowering art.

Did you Hear? The Great Cover Up

Local musicians get together to form surprise tribute bands in this multi-day charity concert series.

Aged Whiskey

by Kevin Barrett
photographs by Keith Isaacs

Spin a Yarn

by Catherine Currin

The Algebra Club

“The Algebra Club is meeting this Friday night at the Camp’s farm at 8 p.m.”

Peter Lamb and the Wolves

“Peter is such a dynamic player. So kinetic, always in motion like a boxer, weaving and punching.” –Dave Tilley, music producer, about band Peter Lamb & the Wolves by David Menconi photographs by Geoff Wood It’s fitting that Peter Lamb and…

Little City Brewery

BEYOND BEER Little City Brewery has cocktails, too by Jessie Ammons photographs by Elizabeth Galecke Jon Seelbinder knows the local craft beer market is crowded, and he considers it a plus. “To have that demand is exciting,” says the owner…


Royale Flush Moore Square’s French Bistro by Dean McCord photographs by Keith Isaacs It sounds like a pitch for a new sitcom: three relative strangers go to work at a brand new restaurant. After a couple of weeks, the owner…

Brewery Bhavana

BREWERY BHAVANA Homegrown abundance by Liza Roberts photographs by Keith Isaacs A first-time visitor to the new Brewery Bhavana on Moore Square might think they’ve entered an unusually atmospheric independent bookstore. Skylit shelves offer titles by local and world-renowned authors…

Garland’s creative combinations

Hot Stuff Cheetie Kumar’s creative combinations   by Jessie Ammons photographs by Juli Leonard “Garlands are a very traditional Indian celebratory symbol. They’re reverent, they tie in different elements.” On a recent afternoon, chef Cheetie Kumar sat in Garland, the…