Did you Hear? The Great Cover Up

Local musicians get together to form surprise tribute bands in this multi-day charity concert series.
Writing and Photography by Gus Samarco

Founded in 1999 at the original Kings on McDowell Street, The Great Cover Up is a multi-day concert series where local musicians throw on wigs and costumes to pay tribute to their favorite musicians, with proceeds donated to charity. Originally a two-night affair, the series has grown to five nights as of this year. A total of 40 bands will play over the course of this year’s show, which will have its final night on January 25.

For the show, local musicians form groups to become a cover band—including the appropriate number of group members, right instruments and vocals, and costumes—to do a 15-minute set. But the fun part is that all the groups are kept secret until the curtain is pulled back. So far this year the cover bands included have included Weezer, David Bowie, Buddy Holly, New Found Glory, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Elvis Costello, Joy Division, Smash Mouth and more. Proceeds from the even go to charities including the Beehive Collective, Interact, Kidznotes, SPCA, Goathouse Refuge and others.

Gus Samarco is a video engineer by day, photographer and man-about-town by night. Find more of his work on www.samarcophoto.com.