Powerful Words: 10 Years of Creative Mornings

For 10 years, the monthly Friday-morning speaker series CreativeMornings RDU has harnessed the power of narrative. Here are a few takeaways from presenters over the years.

illustration by Abra Millsaps | compiled by Reyna Crooms, Emma Ginsberg and Sophia Melin

Writer and film director Nicholas Sailer on Language in 2016
TransLoc’s National Director of Policy, Josh Cohen, on Transit in 2021
Urban food system consultant Maurice Small on Freedom in 2014
Cartoonist Keith Knight on Underdog in 2021
Snap Pea Underground chef and owner Jacob Boehm on Anxiety in 2018
Yoga teacher and body-positive advocate Jessamyn Stanley on Intention in 2018
Drag queen Vivica C. Coxx on Pioneer in 2018
Carroll’s Kitchen’s program director, Theresa Garrett, on Survival in 2018.
Songwriter MC Taylor on Folklore in 2022
Architect Steve Schuster on Space in 2013

This article was originally published in the August 2022 issue of WALTER magazine.