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Window on the World

Christina Koch has seen the Earth from every angle, its bright blue landscape captured with her trusty digital camera from 250 miles above the planet’s surface.

The Art of Renewal

A thank-you to the arts leaders who navigated us through tough times — and a charge for the next Larry Wheeler Spring! How sweet the sound, as the warmer weather begins to soften the cacophony of disruption, disillusion, and…

My Wife’s Secret Life

…and why I’m happily married, blissfully in the Jim Dodson I recently discovered that my wife, Wendy, enjoys a secret life.Actually, I’ve known about it for years. I just never let her know that I knew about it.  It’s also…

Creators: Welcome Home

How Amarra Ghani became a guiding light for those in need  by Wiley Cash | photography by Mallory Cash Charlotte resident and founder of Welcome Home, Amarra Ghani, has continually found herself in two roles that are surprisingly in concert…