#MakeItFashion: 6 Ways to Wear a Mask

Billy Warden shares his tips on how to make this season’s hottest accessory work for any occasion.  
by Billy Warden

COVID-19 is a hot mess, but the mask may be the coolest thing to hit fashion since sunglasses. Like shades, masks grace your face with a touch of mystery. They can also express moods, ideas and personality quirks. And while pre-pandemic cosmetic surgery was prohibitively pricey, I can now tuck away my less-than-chiselled jawline for just a few dollars. Here’s how to embrace the new normal with timeless style.


Diving ‘face naked’ into a cool pool now counts as a kind of skinny dipping. But back on land, get properly attired—and make a stylish splash—with a floral mask and hat band. Then throw in enough bright orange to make the sun squint.


#RetroPatio: throwback lounge shirt, tiki glass cocktail and—when not sipping—a David Bowie mask ($25; Edge of Urge). Sure, the eras don’t match up, but what a blast to relive those happy days when a “virus” merely meant an infected computer.


Stay sane while staying safe by meditating in a white mask adorned with homemade peace-and-love doodles, a linen shirt to let in the breeze and, to complete the communion with nature, a flower. I call this one the pan-ZEN-ic look.


Even at a formal socially distanced wedding, your mask can still pack a little ‘tude. Before landing on this model ($12; House of Swank), I tried a black-and-white VOTE mask—but had to abandon it when folks took it as an invitation to talk politics (something that’s rarely healthy).


Look like a ‘demic-era boss for that rare in-person business meeting in a mask that adds a third dimension to the ol’ matching tie-andpocket square combo. If you can line up all of this, you’ll no doubt kill it on deal points.


An invisible virus lassoing and corralling our lives is dang frustrating. But instead of rebelling by going maskless, opt for an outlaw look via the bandit bandana. Pair with a cap representing the MLB team you’d most like to see filling stadiums again.