Notes from the Field: The Eagles Have Landed!

Photographer Bob Karp spotted Raleigh’s most popular couple: A pair of bald eagles nesting at Shelley Lake Park.
Photography by Bob Karp

Photographer Bob Karp spends hours scouting interesting people to feature in our Locals column—but last week, he spotted Raleigh’s biggest celebrities: A pair of bald eagles nesting in Shelley Lake Park!

A bald eagle takes off after bringing a meal back to the nest.

The City of Raleigh reports that the eagles have been active at the next since February, and will likely move on by mid-May.

A bald eagle near its nest at Shelly Lake Park.

To protect the nest, they have banned drone use and limited grounds maintenance in the area, but the trail remains open for passersby to get a glimpse.

A bald eagle flies around Shelley Lake Park.

Find more information about location of the eagles here.

An active bald eagle nest at Shelly Lake Park.

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