5 Places to Get King Cake and Other Mardi Gras Treats

Photo courtesy La Farm Bakery

Procure a king cake and other Mardi Gras confections from one of these local French establishments.


Known for their delicate pastries day-to-day, this French bakery does it up for Mardi Gras.


La Farm Bakery

This Cary bakery (also found at the Farmer’s Market) counts king cake among its seasonal delicacies.


Raleigh French Bakery

Sweets of all sorts, at this quaint shop on Hillsborough.


Bourbon Street Beignets Food Truck

They promise beignets—and fortunately, this food truck has an interactive map so you can track them down.


Baton Rouge Cuisine Food Truck

They’ll be making the rounds at various breweries over the Mardi Gras season!