Chandler Molinaro of Little City Brewing Shares her Twist on a Daiquiri

Little City Brewing beverage guru, Chandler Molinaro, shakes things up at home for summer with a spicy daiquiri.
by Melissa Howsam

courtesy Little City Brewing

Chandler Molinaro, Beverage Guru at Little City Brewing

courtesy Little City Brewing

“I love a traditional daiquiri; but when I’m in my own home, I like to put my spin on the classic and have fun with it. With the temperature rising, there is no better way to combat heat stroke than with fresh citrus, delicious rum and sugar. This little cocktail can pack a punch that will keep your mind off the heat. My go-to rum is Caña Brava Reserva Añeja (when you can find it); otherwise, I love their Silver, too. The palate is pure fresh sugar cane juice and citrus, with notes of dark chocolate balanced with molasses, cacao butter, vanilla and hints of allspice and cinnamon, which pairs perfectly with 18.21 Spiced Honey simple syrup. To make this a classic daiquiri, add fresh squeezed lime juice.”



How to make it

Shake 1 1/2 ounces Caña Brava Reserva Añeja (or another high quality rum), 1/2 ounce 18.21 Spiced Honey simple syrup and 3/4 ounce fresh lime juice over ice; strain into a coupe glass.