The Whirl: All Booked Up 2023

On April 29 the Durham Library Foundation hosted All Booked Up, an after-hours party celebrating the library. Occurring alongside Durham County Library’s Third Annual Library Fest: The Storytelling Edition, the event featured behind the scenes access, library tours, live demonstrations and festive food and drink.

Sara Stephens, Brenda Stephens
J.T. Tabron, Tammy Baggett
Kenny Thompson, Mailande Moran
Shari Hubert, Jessica Yinka Thomas, Michelle Hooper,
Craig Cutright, Mavis Gragg
Lauren Lee, Will Funk, Steve Schewel, Natalie Knox
Andrew Hutson, Meaghan Mulholland Hutson,
Jessica Luginbuhl, Michael Schwartz
Kelli Cotter, Becky Hacker, Stephen Conrad,
Meredith Pittman, Billy Cotter
This article originally appeared in the June 2023 issue of WALTER Magazine.