WALTER’s Top Photos of 2023

Our creative director’s annual collection of a year’s worth of beautiful, meaningful moments, captured on camera by local photographers.
by Laura Wall

A petite bird pecking at a long-gone sunflower, the stroke of a paint brush, the shine of the Atlantic… our photographers have an impressive knack for snapping their cameras at just the right moment. It’s a challenge to capture light, movement and personality all in one square, but they do it beautifully. Here are 11 images that appeared in WALTER this year that showcase some of their best work — and click through to read the stories behind the photos.

It’s A Colorful Life: Bob Rankin’s Talent and Teachings | Photography by Joshua Steadman

Artful Home: Larry and Debbie Robbins’ Living Gallery | Photography by Trey Thomas

Music & Movements at the Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival | Photography by Justin Kase Conder

On the Grounds: 170 Years of the N.C. State Fair | Photography by Justin Kase Conder

From the Deep: Shark Teeth on the North Carolina Coast | Photography by Joshua Steadman

Good Sports at the North Carolina Senior Games | Photography Eric Thompson

Go Fish! A Look at Big Rock’s Humble Roots and Surprising Fervor |  Photography by Dylan Ray

Well Seasoned: Thanksgiving at Home with Preeti Waas | Photography by Eamon Queeney

Smoke & Fire: Ed and Ryan Mitchell’s New Cookbook | Portraits by Eamon Queeney

Better Together: A Young Family Builds a Modern and Fun Home | Photography by Catherine Nguyen

Birds & Blooms: Exploring the Dix Park Sunflowers | Photography by Bob Karp

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