The Whirl: Dalhouse Soft Opening

Dalhouse was founded by Caitlyn Scott, a North Carolina native who spent her early career working in the fashion industry in New York City.

The Whirl: Weaver Dentistry Open House

Weaver Dentistry hosted an open house on Nov. 9 to celebrate its new office and to honor the rich history of a practice.

The Whirl: Hulya Kucuk at Gallery C

Gallery C hosted a First Friday opening reception for Turkish-American artist Hulya Kucuk, a multimedia artist with a background in fashion

The Whirl: Red Carpet Speaker Series

In October, the Cardinal at North Hills held a Red-Carpet Speaker Series event featuring NFL legend Joe Theismann.

Simple Life: Winter Dad, Summer Son

Does the month in which you’re born dictate your favorite kind of weather — and are people really happier when it’s hot outside?