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The Whirl: Wake County Arts Night

On March 6, the United Arts Council partnered with the Wake County Public School System and Crabtree Valley Mall to present Arts Night, a showcase of Wake County Student Art. A pop-up gallery is on display on the lower level.

The Whirl: Derby Day Celebration

On Friday, April 30, The Cardinal at North Hills celebrated their second annual Derby Day celebration. For this fun event at the senior living community, Cardinal staffers created their own “horses” and competed as jockeys while resident fans cheered them…

Welcome to Black Main Street

A new series of sidewalk murals takes viewers on a historical stroll down Raleigh’s Black Main Street

A Poem for June: Butterfly Lexicon by Ashley Memory

Sometimes I see a nimbus of butterfliesother times they’re just a puzzle ora tarradiddle to my eyes. Would you look at that quandary of butterflies?I ask a stranger, or do they call ita quibble? We’re expecting a downpour tomorrowsays the…

Ideas Blossom: The Making of Art in Bloom at NCMA

At the North Carolina Museum of Art’s annual celebration in florals, guests and participants alike see the collection in a new Hampton Williams Hoffer | photography by Workshop Media This month, the West Building at the North Carolina Museum…

Poem of the Month: Haiku Sequence

From All the Songs We Sing: Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Carolina African American Writers’ Collective, this poem explores how someone you love can breathe life into you, just as spring breathes life back into our world each year….

Raleigh Through her Eyes

A mother of seven, Mary Ann Hanson nourished a passion for art — and introduced her children to local culture.