The Whirl: 2024 DRNC Disability Conference

On May 1, Disability Rights North Carolina hosted its annual conference to advance disability justice in the state. Held at the McKimmon Center, this year they celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Olmstead decision with the theme “It’s ON! Olmstead Now in NC.” The conference included an exhibitor hall with 35 local partner organizations, 16 sessions on disability and legal advocacy and a keynote speech featuring Dr. Bishop William Barber II. 

 Corey McKittrick, Kasey Mayfield, Emily Kibler, Brittny Zenere, Chris Rivera, Ashley Large
William Barber II
Selma Barker, Katie Haynes, Tammy Cancilla
Mary Angelini, Gabi Angelini
Virginia Knowlton Marcus and other panelists

This article originally appeared in the July 2024 issue of WALTER magazine.