The Whirl: Music of Rememberance

On May 5, WALTER and the North Carolina Museum of Art hosted a musical evening in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day. Jacqueline Saed Wolborsky, principal violinist at the North Carolina Symphony, and chamber pianist Mimi Solomon played musical selections on a violin and piano from Nazi-era Germany. Tony Morcos shared the story behind the instruments and Dr. Sean Burrus, the NCMA curator of Judaic Art, gave opening remarks. 

Sean Burrus
Jacqueline Saed Wolborsky

Guests in the auditorium
Cristina Hurley, Addie Ladner, Laura Wall, Julie Nickens, Ayn-Monique Klahre, Susanna Klingenberg
Mimi Solomon
Gabriel Morcos, Elias Morcos
Mindy Hamlin, Tony Morcos, Mimi Solomon, Jacqueline Saed Wolborsky

This article originally appeared in the July 2024 issue of WALTER magazine.