The Whirl: TheGifted Arts Fundraiser

TheGifted Arts held its annual fundraiser August 6. TheGifted Arts is an organization that uses performing arts to help students of color build skills in leadership, communication, teamwork and problem-solving while also creating leadership pathways for students who might not have the oppor- tunity otherwise. With schools operating virtually as well as in person this school year, TheGifted Arts plans to open day programming that will give students of full-time, essential workers a safe place to go for on-site tutoring and mentorship. The goal of this year’s fundraiser was to secure a larger, permanent home for this endeavor.

photography by Devin Desjarlais

CJ Morgan, Denver N

Janaya J

Michael L

Mija G, Nia D, Madison B, Michael L

Nia D

Tisha Carnes