Tag: March 2024

The Whirl: Dream Big

Dream Big was held Jan. 20 at the Raleigh Convention Center and raised $460,000 to benefit Methodist Home for Children.

The Whirl: The Art Inside the Bottle

Ángel González and Doreen Colondres, examined identity, place and power through creative, culture-specific disciplines of art and wine.

The Whirl: Hightide Salon Opening

Hightide Salon held an event to celebrate its eco-friendly, all-inclusive downtown space and expanding into other arenas of aesthetics.

The Whirl: Operation Coming Home

Operation: Coming Home builds and gives away homes with the help of our local home builders and subcontractors.

The Whirl: Safechild Ribbon Cutting

Guests included Wake County Commissioner Susan Evans, Apex mayor Jacques Gilbert and Dr. Karen Chilton, senior vice president at WakeMed.

Memory Keeper: Sculptor Oami Powers

The mixed-media artist and sculptor, who works from a studio in Artspace, discusses the experiences that shaped her career.

Pattern Play: Assemblage Artist Davis Choun

This emerging Raleigh maker challenges creative conventions by using a humble, unexpected medium that he transforms into compelling works of art.